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Babies come to us dependent upon our love and care, trusting their parents completely with their entire being. Soon they are discovering their world with their highly sensitive fingers covered in thin, soft and delicate skin. With those amazingly tiny little fingers they explore and discover their new world.

But wait. Mother Nature put something sharp, damaging and fast growing at the tip of those teeny tiny fingers. Those little nails are incredibly sharp and leave deep red scratch marks on their own face. Those sharp nails accidentally scratch and scrape at mother's breast causing sudden pain and anguish.

So, what does a parent do? The parent takes out their nail clippers and holding one of their trusting child's little fingers puts the tip of that teeny-tiny finger up to the jaws of those clippers. And suddenly the parent is shocked. Shocked at how small those little finger tips are compared to the wide jaws of those nail clippers and the fact that it clearly would be way too easy to cut their skin, even when trying to be careful. The parent is shocked at how very scary it is to trim their child’s nails. Immediately the parent realizes that the nail clipper industry has utterly failed them.

This is because the cutting part of the nail clippers has not changed in over 100 years. The industry has utterly failed to deliver successful and necessary safety improvements in the design and manufacture of nail clippers to be used when clipping someone else’s nails. Even those designed especially for babies have a wide enough gap between the jaws to allow skin to be easily cut when trimming nails, often drawing blood and causing severe pain on one of the most nerve-rich and sensitive areas on the human body.

Safety cannot be ignored any longer. Our goal is to bring peace, serenity and safety to the act of trimming another person’s nails. To accomplish this we have studied the problem and developed multiple features that result in the world's safest nail clipper. Our nail clippers are specially designed with patent pending features that ensure only the nail fits between the jaws of the clippers thereby ensuring that there’s never room for the skin to get between the blades. Special features on the blades make it easy to slide the nail between the jaws. We’ve also added calibrated measurements to the clippers allowing parents to define and communicate the safest setting for children of different ages and sizes.

The sum total of our improvements constitute a revolution to the nail clipper industry. Now, anyone can trim another's nails without fear of causing injury.

Parents can trim the nails of their infants and their children will grow up never fearing or crying when their nails are trimmed because they have never been hurt. Caregivers can trim the nails of adults with impaired circulation in their extremities, especially the feet, without fear of ever damaging their patient’s skin. Young children can learn to trim their own nails without fear of making painful mistakes.

Whoever is trimming someone else’s nails will feel confident and at peace knowing that our clippers ensure the utmost in safety, ease and comfort.

Isn’t it about time that the act of trimming another’s nails becomes a loving and trusting experience for both the giver and the receiver? We think so. That’s why we are doing this.