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LuvClip™ Nail Clippers


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LuvClip™ Nail Clippers


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STOP The Risk of Injury!

LuvClip nail clippers end pain, fear and struggle when trimming the nails of your precious child. The Micro-Precision Adjustment Dial changes the Blade Gap so that ONLY the nail fits between the blades. Easily and quickly trim nails short without cutting the skin every time!

Our LuvClip nail clippers (The World's Safest Nail Clippers™) revolutionize the act of trimming another person's nails.

They have multiple patent pending features that make sure you ONLY cut the nail and NEVER cut the skin. 

Each time you squeeze the Ergonomic Thumb Lever, never worry again about causing any pain, cutting their skin or drawing blood. 

The Micro-Precision Adjustment Dial allows you to set the Blade Gap precisely wide enough to allow ONLY the nail to fit between the blades. 

The blades have special angles on them which make it super easy to slide ONLY the nail between the blades.

Use the Micro-Precision Adjustment Dial to set the Blade Gap so that only the nail fits between the blades and then EVERY time you squeeze the lever you will ONLY cut the nail and NEVER cut the skin.  

Please try them RISK FREE because we are so confident that you will "Luv" these LuvClip nail clippers that we offer a 100% money back guarantee good for 100 days.

To top it off LuvClip nail clippers come in 12 different colors and two sizes (while supplies last)! Pick your own favorite color today.  Or better yet, let your child pick their favorite colors and keep one upstairs and one with you! 

They are excellent BABY SHOWER gifts, too. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Life changing

No more mishaps clipping nails these are wonderful

Courtney R.
These are the BEST clippers for littles on the market!

I LOVE these clippers! I actually don't mind every time I have to clip my little one's nails! I use them on my newborn up to my 5 year old! They are great because even when they move or squirm, you have peace of mind that these clippers have a genius design to keep babies safe and Mama happy! Definitely recommend!!

Safe and Easy

Safe and easy to use. No worries about cutting my child's fingertips. I can easily glide his fingernails into the clippers and clip them without worrying about cutting his skin. With the adjustable aperture (width of opening) of clippers, when he squirms away while I am trying to clip his nails, I don't have to worry about clipping his skin too. Also, the dial to adjust the aperture is so easy to use and always stays at the last setting. My son has never been afraid of getting his nails clipped because I've never hurt him while clipping his nails.

Emily T.
I don't dread clipping nails anymore!

When I had my baby, I assumed rounded nail scissors were safe but I ended up cutting him more than once. They were difficult to use and never produced a straight, predictable line. With LuvClip, I don't dread nail clipping like I used to. My friend even commented on how neat and short my son's fingernails were! These will be my go-to baby shower gift from now on.

Alan S.
Takes away the worry about cutting skin - Genius!

This product is great! I'm planning on giving one to every parent of young children I know. It feels so good knowing that it won't cut skin or cause bleeding no matter how inept or distracted I am.
The bottom dial makes it easy to adjust the opening between the blades, and it is even colored coded like a stop light: Green for narrow opening, Red for a wide opening, and yellow for in between. There are also numbers around the dial from 0 to 9, so it's easy to find the correct setting for each person and go back to that setting. Moving the dial is simple, with just enough friction to keep it in place when not in use. Mine was perfectly calibrated so that the zero setting had the cutting blades touching; It seems to come calibrated from the manufacturer that way. My own nails are thick enough I need to set it around 8, but even for me it feels safer.

Daniel P.
loved it

saved me a lot of time and kept it pain free.

Wendy H.
Amazingly Close - No Fear

I can trim and clip so close without fear of cutting his skin. With my old baby nail clippers it took so long to clip his nails because I had to go so slowly and be so incredibly careful because it was so easy to cut his skin if I wasn't extremely careful. Clipping his nails with love clips is so fast and easy. It takes much less time. He doesn't fast and I don't fuss. My husband is a photographer and he took these close-ups showing how close we could trim his nails. I am in love with my clippers. They make what was a stressful and lengthy process so quick and easy. Now he doesn't scratch his face or me when he is nursing. I don't dread trimming nails now.

Merry W.
Gift for daughter and grandbaby

I am lucky to be friends with a relative of the inventor. I was skeptical when I first saw them but I borrowed one that I took to my adult daughter to use on my grandbaby. My daughter loved them so much that I offered to buy the LuvClip clippers for her. All happy now! Even I used them on my grandbaby, me and my tired old eyes, and it was easy once she showed me how to slide the nail in from the side.

Brigitte H.
Must clip fingernails

One thing that's certain is to I have to clip fingernails. That's always a given. Her's grow so fast. So this makes it so easy. The LuvClip makes it so simple to know exactly what I'm working with when I'm caring for my baby. I like that it makes it safe, easy. Can get it done sooo mch faster too!

Terri M.
Awesome newborn clippers

The great thing about these is you can have these from newborn all the way up to adults - I can use them too - because I can adjust them for adult sized fingers. I can even cut thicker toenails with them. So, I think these are such a practical and important staple thing to have in one's home. And even if you don't have kids, you could just use them for your own self, but definitely, definitely, if you've got kiddos, and you've had any experience of how scary it is to use other clippers, these are the way to go. I can't recommend them enough.