These are precious little fingertips. Why would you...

...risk injuring or cutting them with regular baby nail clippers?


Say hello to The World's Safest Nail Clippers

Patent Pending features ensure that you cut ONLY the nail, NEVER the skin

Fearlessly enjoy time with your baby as you clip her nails

LuvClipTM nail clippers are a NEW care-free and simple nail clipping solution.

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Fingernails Are Sharp

For many babies their very first injury is when they scratch their own face with their own sharp fingernails.

Parents are Afraid / Everyone Cries

Nail clippers, even those supposedly made for babies, are simply scary to use. Way too many parents accidentally injure or cut their precious baby's fingertips trying to clip their nails causing significant upset and tears ... for everyone!

LuvClipTM - The Solution!

Safety and accuracy cannot be ignored any longer. Our goal is to bring peace, serenity and safety to the act of trimming another person’s nails. To accomplish this we have studied the problem and developed multiple patent pending features to create:

The World's Safest Nail ClipperTM

No more Fears. No more Tears.

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You risk cutting the nail and the skin with ALL other nail clippers, even those made for babies, because they all have a blade-gap that is big enough to let the nail AND the skin between the blades!


LuvClip nail clippers allow you to reduce the blade-gap so that ONLY the nail fits between the cutting blades! No more fear of cutting the skin!

Reasons to "Luv"

  • Worry-free & Safe

    No more fears for you. No more tears for them. Multiple patent pending features ensure that you clip ONLY the nail and never accidentally hurt anyone again. We built these to be the easiest to use, most precise and safest nail trimming option available.

  • Precise & Accurate

    Use the dial to set the gap between the cutting blades to precisely match the thickness of the nail. Now there's only room for the nail to fit between the cutting blades so there's no risk of cutting the skin, even when you are clipping teeny-tiny, infant nails that are 0.05mm thick - the same thickness as paper.

  • Adjustable

    The dial adjusts the space between the cutting blades from zero (closed) to 9+ (fully open). You can safely clip the nails of all ages, from the paper-thin nails of infants up to the regular nails of adults. For example, set the dial at #2 for your baby, at #4 for her older sibling and at #7 for yourself.

  • Clip with Confidence

    First you adjust the dial to set the space between the blades to match the thickness of the nail. Then, when you squeeze the handle to clip the nail, you do so confidently knowing that ONLY the nail fits between the blades and there's no room for the skin. If they squirm right when you squeeze, no problem. You won't hurt them!

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The World's Safest Nail Clippers TM

Why would you use anything else, right?

What Users Have To Say ...

Beth & Raphael (4 months)

"There's no stress, which I appreciate. That’s not normally the case cutting baby nails."

"I've never been able to cut his nails completely, all at once, in one sitting. "

"These are a big improvement.  I would recommend them to everyone."

Mandelena & Anayiana (1 year)

"The biggest thing about these clippers is a sense of peace in knowing that I'm not going to harm my daughter's fingers while doing a necessary task."

"If you've got kiddos, and you've had any experience of how scary it is to use other clippers, these are the way to go. I can't recommend them enough."

"These are a brilliant invention. I feel so much relief and joy that I have these in our lives."

Heather & Emmie (2 years)

"One thing that's certain is having to clip fingernails. The LuvClip makes it so simple to know exactly what you're working with when you're caring for your baby. It makes it safe and easy."

"The old clippers, even those small versions of regular clippers, look so huge next to a little child's fingers. To have the ability to make it safer and not feel like I'm coming at my child with a pair of shears is pretty great."

"I know that I can hand them to anyone, and not have them hurt my baby either. It sets up a person for success, and it allows me to get help and still know that my daughter is safe."

Alden (12 years)

"[With the old clippers] I clip under the nail and it really hurts. I’ve probably hurt myself every single time."

"These are cool! I like them better than those ones [holding the old clippers] one hundred percent."

"I like the handle because it's easier for smaller hands."

"I like it because it will stop you from getting your flesh."

"I didn’t hurt myself!"